archived site
  the squint site is only an archive.
most of our activity has moved to individual projects (see bottom of page)
and a new collective is started:
this site will be more of an archive and is not up to date at all ;-)

squint info - old site
  squint vzw is an organisation that supports the experiments in electronic art, new media, contemporary film and music.
we are working to make the internet our workspace and yours,
to encourage creativity in multidisciplinary and worldwide projects.
we are involved in electronic art, young media, experimental art, new media, online events, etc.

for more info, we will redirect you to the old site for now.
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latest projects
  some projects of our members:
media designers collective:
VJ collective: (minimal)
UNDO visuals:
new site of headlock:

point of view
  a project for 'big bang' march 2001, roeselare, belgium
it is a 3D projection installation made as a 6 minute performance with visuals and music
some pictures here.

  a project for 'CELL' oct-dec 2000, netherlands - japan
an umbrella site for collaborating internet artist from the netherlands and japan
see a press release here.
go to (backup)

  summer 2000 and beyond...
private youth club, projects, video, bar, exhibits,...
go to (dutch only)

  boris debacker: mail - site
     coordination, audio, video, installations, multimedia, events...
maarten callebert: mail - site
     coordination, webdesign, multimedia, installations, video, events...
wouter meire: mail - site
     administration, audio, industrial design, exhibitions, ...
elke vandermeerschen: mail - site
     video, installations, multimedia, events...
lucas vandervelden: mail - site
     web, visuals, multimedia, ....
lien baert: mail - site
     video, visuals, graphic design, ....
brecht debackere: mail - site
     film, installations, multimedia, ...
vera visser: mail - site
     video, visuals, illustration, ...

contact us
  you can contact us via email:
or find us at gate4
or write/phone/visit:
de harry: h.horriestraat 3, 8800 roeselare +32(0)51/24.64.17

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